Change in loudness for 61 mixes

All mixes after the release of LIH # 090 are normalized to the following:

Integrated Loudness: -12 LUFS
True Peak: 0.0 dBTP

The altered mixes are # 001 - 010, # 015, # 039, # 041, # 090 - 137. You can download them from their dedicated posts on the site, they are also re-uploaded on Soundcloud. The other mixes are with similar loudness and don't need to be manipulated.

2 Responses to
Change in loudness for 61 mixes

  1. Vladislav says:

    Did you do them a little bit louder than before ?

  2. Deep Z says:

    No, these 61 mixes were 2dB quieter, because i mastered them with -14 LUFS. At some point i decided that i will save more dynamic range but i was wrong. I recently analyzed all the tracks that i’ve used in the mixes and found that almost all of them have integrated loudness less than -12 LUFS.

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